While reading a biography of Wittgenstein, I come to define pornography

2015/03/26 § Leave a comment

I have been re-reading Ray Monk’s Wittgenstein The Duty of Genius after a fifteen year gap. It was a hard copy, I gave it away to an Ethiopian. I have an electronic copy now. I read it in yellow on a black screen.


Thus it came to pass as I was standing in the dark I while reading on the phone I wonder about the “I know it when I see it.” phrase some US judge said after refraining from defining hard core porn.


I’d define hard core as a more extenuated version of the base definition, to wit, “Porn is defined by its main uniting fantasy, that it is not fantasy.”

I don’t think it needs to be linked to sexuality at all.

This way it can include the formats like car porn or earth porn. Might need to stick ‘visual’ in the definition though.

Also: The “show versus tell” stuff is all about the redundancy of Russell’s “theory of types.”

Thus a definition of porn is also redundant, as I have shown.


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