The form of books (on paper)

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Wink reviews one remarkable paper book every weekday.winkssmall “We take photos of the covers and the interior pages of the books to show you why we love them.”

How to write a science news story based on a research paper

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Something useful at The Guardian.

A how-to in 10 points plus Dos and Don’ts. First of a series on this topic.


How to …
• interview a scientist
• write a science feature
• establish a successful science blog
• report from a science conference
• set up a science podcast
• pitch your articles to editors.

However the contest is only for those who live just off Europe in the North Atlantic, but not too far off.

@nanoism is having a Five-year Anniversary #TwitterFiction Contest!

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Five years ago, we created @nanoism to be the very first paying publication for literary Twitter fiction, celebrating the very best stories that fit in the cracks of your day. Five years later and Nanoism remains the longest continuously running magazine dedicated to #TwitterFiction of all time. We’ve published nearly six hundred stories from over four hundred writers and inspired people across the world to think big but write small.

Well that sounds a bit over the top, doesn’t it?

More Details… including $100 prize.

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