Berserker Bacteria: all formats to all conditions

2012/02/16 § Leave a comment

Now then, I wrote a story a couple of years ago as part of The Human Genre Project called Speciation: The Day REDE OS Forked.

It’s a piece of Lab lit, which is a genre of fiction that centres on realistic portrayals of scientists, and science as a profession. The science idea behind it was Richard Dawkins‘ suggestion in The Extended Phenotype that how genes are read from the DNA might be more important at times than the idea of DNA as lawgiver/formgiver, and I put it in the context of software and operating systems development.

The study of this area is called Epigenetics.

The big news in Nature is that bacteria do this to blazes.

Some bacteria, when stressed, deiberately go into a sort of Kernel panic. They actively ‘misread’ the DNA code, especially from regions otherwise ignored (called Junk DNA) in order to produce proteins, any proteins that might be able to help. In order that some or one can survive the stressful conditions.

Its like producing Word salad in order to mount your defence in the court to a charge of crimes against humanity instead of hiring a legal team to do it for you.

Totally, codingly, instructably berserk.

Bacteria rule.


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