Critiquing twitter fiction

2010/07/30 § 1 Comment

Early on in this blog, there was a weakly held idea to critique twitter fiction appearing on various ‘magazines’. Now, I’ve attempted to do this, I have a number held back in ‘draft’ form here in, but I’m not happy with my work, so there it sits still. However at One Forty Fiction the comments function for each post is very deliberately labelled ‘critique’.

The use of this option so far is still often restricted to more comment-like stroking than real critique, but who knows, maybe someone will be braver than I have been so far.

As some have here.


§ One Response to Critiquing twitter fiction

  • First, let me say thanks for noting our use of “critique” instead of “comments.” It was a very deliberate choice for us (and one that required us to muck around in the source code of WordPress a little more than we wanted). Because Twitter-sized fiction is such a new genre, we’re still developing an understanding as to the craft of it. We hope the use of “critique” will help improve that understanding.

    We’ve only been publishing for about a month thus far, but at this point, we’re with you in terms of finding the critiques a bit more “stroking” than we would like, which is why we encourage any constructive criticism that you (or any of your readers) can offer to our contributors.

    Thanks for reading, and we hope our contributors receive your feedback soon!

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