For web and epub, CSS poetry code

2010/07/19 § Leave a comment

Advanced Poetry XML is a very useful introduction to poetry layout using semantically styled texts, from a simple poem to a footnoted, endnoted, deeply annotated anthology that would put Norton’s to shame.

Example code does require tweaking and an eye for typos, but that’s not much work compared to writing it in the first place.

I’m using it for an EPUB poetry project (that’s why I’m so quiet recently). EPUBs are basically zipped (compressed) xhtml websites.

After you master that page, try googling for hanging punctuation using CSS

UPDATE Nov 2011

The project mentioned above was completed and submitted as per the original plan to an iTunes Aggregator. Even though I did the most perfect EPUB as per Apple’s standards for its walled garden also known as iTunes, it never got through it robotic crap detector, I suspect because centering the poem by its longest line was too damn cool for Apple and its iPad and shit.

The good news was that the iTunes aggregator bookbaby also made my “Tasmanian Gutters” project available via other ebook channels and so is available on amazon barnes&noble and sony. I’ve sold some copies now and it even made the Amazon Kindle bestseller list for Architecture in November 2011, at number 13.

This has made me happy, if not rich.


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